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Post by pugzrule on Wed Oct 07, 2009 7:47 pm

nothing like turning this anthem back around as we take America back.

Let's look at what is going on as i write this;
It looks like "obamacare" is going to make it through Congress.Unless we do something.That something is Dick Morris who wants to saturate the airwaves with anti Obama care ads.This is critical.TV ads work.

PLS donate to Dick. Even if it's a 1.00.If that's all you can afford that's fine.We can't just hope for the best. We have to fight this.

Here's the link:
Viral this link.
If all you can donate is 1.00 and you get 100 other ppl to donate at least that much-that's 100.00.
Why do we have to stop Obama care?
1. it's a government take over of health care.We know that's the case.
The solution;fix medicare.
2. The goal should be solve the problem;the problem is high cost.Common sense says to lower the costs. You do this by permitting ppl to buy insurance across state lines.
It's called competition. Try Tort Reform-get some reform started.Maybe in small ways but start.
Obama is using every means he can to get more gov't control and this is so into our private lives-even more so than the other gov't takeovers-that he knows there won't be much further to go.It has NOTHING to do with what's best for our country.It has everything to do with his Socialist view.
3. People blame the Republicans for being anti regulation.Regulation has killed this country.It's not regulation that has done the damage.It's been dishonesty and corruption.
Every move we make is regulated. We need less regulation;not more and common sense. These are lawyers running the country and partisans with their own agenda's.
Most of the solutions our country needs doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out.Just common sense.

The big question is this;if Obama said we were going to have more co-operation and get along then why isn't he considering what the Republicans have to offer in this debate?

He said he'd look at all ideas. He's not. You and i both know it's Socialism and he meant exactly what he said about a transformation of America.Was no one listening?

I don't get it.I knew it was bad news and i'm not that swift.If i could see what he was about, Why didn't these other people see what he was about?

Are there people who want to see America experiment with Socialism?
What happens if we destroy the country in the process?
This is not something you experiment with.It's not a try and see if you want to buy.

Call your Congressman.Call the White House.Email them.Donate to Dick Morris campaign. He knows what he's doing. He's got the right idea.
If we don't do all that we can let's not be surprised if we get stuck with Obama care.
This is our last stand on this one.The fight won't be over but he'll have won a major battle.
We can't let it happen! Can't. You can like Obama-that's up to you-but that doesn't mean you have to accept his policies.

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