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All Welcome! Just keep in mind

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All Welcome! Just keep in mind Empty All Welcome! Just keep in mind

Post by pugzrule on Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:01 pm

This is a country where we value FREE speech and this forum is going to be open and lightly moderated.
However there are a few things we won't tolerate here and they are:
1. Racism. nanana (and no criticizing our Pres is not necessarily racism)
2. A Call To Violence(except in self defense;common sense) nanana
3. Attacks on religion.if you want to discuss religion that's fine.But let's keep it civil. nanana
We keep these things in mind and it will make the forum a great place FOR EVERYONE to have open,free and RESPECTFUL discussion
I'm not big on banning. It would take some incredibly outrageous behavior to get banned but it's not as if i'd say never.Let's put it this way.if it begins to destroy the integrity of the forum and make this an uncomfy place for anyone I would consider it.


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