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Time For "How Tos" Of The Forum

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Time For "How Tos" Of The Forum

thought it might be a good place to bring up the How 2's of the forum.For folks that might not be familiar with the format.

1. You can have an avatar.The pug for example.Of course you'll want one of your own.Just go to profile.It's there.Click browse and upload an image from your computer.Forumotion has their own if you want to check out the gallery.They're not bad.

2. I added a category for new members to say hello and leave comments to each other. This way it won't get lost in the other topics.
3. The emoticons(smilies)are ez.Just click and they go right into the post. You can use the arrow to view more emoticons.There is one second set of emoties. Holiday/Birthday.
4. You can add a signature to your post.Also do this profile.Be sure to SAVE (or submit)when you're done.If you have a problem just send me the info.i can do these things for you.

5. CHAT.This is all the way at the bottom of the board.I'm still testing it out to see if there's any 'lag' with it.
The Shout box is just that. A shout box (also known as a tag board). This is for quick notes. I use it on another forum i have to let the admins know we're around and vice versa.
6. Sometimes it's a good idea to refresh the page.That way you can catch any new 'shouts' and see if anyone is currently online.
7.You can add images,links,change text colod,bold,center or underline etc. just by using the icons you see here.
B,I,U,S(strke). Then there's quotes, image,flash,link etc. Play around.Go through and check em all out.
8. You can edit your own post or even make up a poll. Scroll down from your post and you'll see this.
Don't be afraid of goofing things up here. If you want to test some things out you can always preview first.
You cannot goof anything up and if something does go wrong just give a holler. We're not worried about it.Things always get fixed up. Never worry about making a mistake.
9.VIdeos-just put in the embed code from you tube.That's it. Click send.You're done.
10.Want to see all the members then click on members at the top.You can contact them through pm there or in their posts if you look at the left hand side under their name. There's a pm (sometimes mp)button.You can contact them right through the forum.Some people will also include email. If they do you can send a message that will go to their email box.Just look for the CONTACT tab.That's where it's all at.
I can't think of anything else off the top of my head;if you have anything you'd like to have covered let me know. Take your time-play around-you don't have to get it all in one day.
God Bless,

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