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Husband and new puter

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Husband and new puter Empty Husband and new puter

This is totally off topic but am so tickled pink.Husband will be getting a new computer soon.

That's the good news.On the bad news side i put my foot in mouth at a forum and people took something i said horribly wrong. My own fault too.
I apologized but i think at this point it would be better NOT to head back there.Everyone is horribly upset. This has taught me something very important.Think before you post and realize what you say can cause hurt and pain for some folks.Lesson learned.Not going back. On the bad news front as well seem to have lost NWAF somewhere along the line.

It's got to be up from here. I also started a social network for 'THE MAN'.Beck.

He is so awesome but off sick this week. He can't come back soon enough.
They've had guests on taking over for him but they don't have the punch Beck does.
Evidently he had an attack of appendicitis last week either during or after a show and ended up having surgery. I know lotts of people have to be wishing Glenn well and we're probably a little selfish.We want Glenn back soon!

A dreary day outside. As gray as the forum. Nothing like having the weather reflect your mood. This is definitely it.
The HC Bill made its way through the House too. Now it goes to the Senate.Good time to really put some effort into the fight against it.Everyone is focused on that public option issue. With or without it the bill stinks.

Or as Glenn would say,"stinks on ice"
It's just Obama's admin trying to give the government more control/power.

You folks have a good day.Hope yours is going better than mine.When my husband gets his new computer set up that will be a pick me up big time.

God Bless,

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