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Is It Time For Term Limits For Congress?


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How To "Take America Back"

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How To "Take America Back" Empty How To "Take America Back"

1. Participate:
sign petitions,donate to good groups,call/write Congress, call the WH.Always be polite but don't be afraid to speak out.
It's not enough for us to just sit and talk to each other.Do what you're ABLE.Able being the key word. We can all do something.We cannot all necessarily do the same things.
2. Vote:
Never give up and don't think your vote doesn't count.Get an absentee ballot if you must,but vote.
3. Be A Watchdog:
Contact folks like Glenn Beck,Sean Hannity, if you think you have something they'd be interested in investigating. They do care what their viewers have to say.Have an inkling there's something going on.Where there's smoke there's fire.
4. Invite:
get like minded friends involved.Bring em here. Start a local group.
The internet provides so many ways to get the word out.Let's use em.
5. Stay Informed:
We'll be posting up lotts of info too. We have to know what's going on. We can't afford to stay in the dark anymore.
6. Be realistic,but positive:
We the people STILL means something.There's more of us than there are of them.Gather together coalitions of the willing.People aren't clones but we always have things in common.Use the common ground we have to fight the good fight.Look for a basis to agree.

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