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Is It Time For Term Limits For Congress?


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Got Back In ..YAAAY!

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Got Back In ..YAAAY! Empty Got Back In ..YAAAY!

Luky sent a new password and i got back in.Went to security and made absolutely sure admins can have password emailed to them. Tested it out too.Works.

Came in as lostinspace last night.Was feeling that way.

Meantime i put up a poll at sodahead.People are saying the usual.Bunkers,paranoia and generally stupid comments because they think my assertion is ignorant.Unfortunately it's true. I wouldn't put it up if it weren't.Anyway,they're pretty up in arms. Said i won't get any raves.Who's looking for raves?

I was hoping for people to open their eyes and think.They're too in awe of Mr Obama. I think some of them would still support him even if they found out he were a Marxist.Just one guy said no. Thank God for that one guy.

He even defined Marxism in one sentence.
These people don't get it.I'm the last person to get wrapped up in conspiracy theories.I either have to see it in front of my nose or have sufficient(not absolute)evidence something is true.
John F. Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby shot him.
There are no flying saucers.
With all due respect i'm not even a birther.
Hitler committed suicide in the bunker along with his mistress Eva Braun and Elvis not only left the building but this life.
Nuff said.I want to work on a post card campaign for the media and a route of action for Congress and Obamacare.Have a good day people's and be sure to watch BECK!

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