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Let's Start A Post Card Campaign

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Let's Start A Post Card Campaign Empty Let's Start A Post Card Campaign

Post by pugzrule on Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:36 pm

The big player in this Obama admin is the media.They've been complicit and supporting Obama.
Had they asked some tough questions back when he was campaigning maybe ppl would have made a different decision. At least it would have been an informed decision.

Now we're finding out all this stuff from who? Fox.
Special Mention to Beck especially and Hannity who was talking with his hair on fire back when.Everyone put down Sean back when and now they know what he was saying was true.But you think the networks would have covered it? Nope.

They were in the tank for Obama.Now people are finding out all this stuff that they were criticized for.It would have been nice to know back when.

So here's the deal.We do a postcard campaign.

One of us can write up the message. We viral this campaign and send it to all the major networks telling them we want the truth.

That's exactly where we need to start. Protests are great but we gotta start with the media and a post card campaign is even MORE effective.

Ready to do it? Good...LET'S ROLL!

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