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We ARE All Americans Empty We ARE All Americans

When Barrack Obama was running for Pres red flags went up about some of his comments.i just didn't trust him. To be honest i wasn't all the sold on McCain either.
It would have been nice to have some other choices.That said,here we are.

This might surprise people but i decided(made a conscious decision that is)to give Obama the benefit of the doubt.You have to do that whenever the guy/gal gets elected that you didn't vote for. He rode in on a wave of popularity and had TONS of political capital.He could have done great things and i was anticipating he might.

You want to hope for the Pres. Well, i've come to the conclusion he's not only squandered the capital he had but he's marginalizing a lot of people and bullying others.

Rahm Emmanuel may be behind this and if that's the case he's giving Obama some of the stupidest advice.Not only that they are attacking free speech and pushing for more gov't control.Is this possible?

Evidently it is because it's happening.
The next question is;Who let the czars in? They have to go.Anyone besides me wonder how they got past a background check? nanana

We have to stop letting Obama and his cronies divide us.
We are ALL Americans and i can see where he's trying to divide.

You know.Divide and Conquer.Ring a bell?

Some Suggestions:
I've been calling the White House every day and I'm going to continue to call them every day.Today i told them they didn't have the one signature for the Health "Care" Bill they needed most.The American people.
This is not a lecture.Only encouragement.

Be polite though. It's about us WANTING to support the Pres when he's right. Tell them specifically what you oppose and why.
Personal attacks on the Pres aren't the way.If you want to point out his policies appear to be socialist that's fine. Calling him names doesn't cut the mustard,k?
You can also donate to and he will put up ads against Obamacare in targeted states.Dick Morris is great at this stuff.He knows politics inside and out.

Donate whatever you can to Dick. If it's a buck,it's a buck.
Here's the address:
You can register but you're not required.
If you can't call the WH you can comment on their government website.

I don't know what you would think of this but how about we do a POST CARD campaign to msnbc,nbc,abc etc and tell them what we think of their biased reporting.
It's great to use free speech by demonstration but post card campaigns are very effective.In fact,maybe THE most effective. How would you feel about us starting such a campaign?

Does anyone need Congressional phone no,email addresses etc? We can post what you need.
Just ask.Will be glad to put it up and make it as simple as possible.

What else can we do to oppose Obama care specifically? Or to oppose other Obama policies we don't believe are good for our republic and free speech?

We ARE All Americans 80199

That's the blog for today.Tmw how bout we discuss the new Net Neutrality Bill and what we can do to stop that.

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