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There can't possibly be a deader forum than this one.Oh well...moving along anyway.

Today i watched that helium weather balloon for the whole thing. I turned to my husband and said if the little boy actually survived it would be a miracle.There were some moments that were just horrible.I kept thinking it might actually take off and rise. Didn't.
Then it came to the ground.As soon as i turned the news off they found the little boy.
I figure one of 2 things happened.Either the brothers honestly thought their little brother had taken off in the balloon or they knew where he was all along and were lying for him.

Other than that the news was about that Obamacare(as it's called)bill being hashed out with Rahm Emmanuel.About as transparent as a pig in mud.So much for all the big promises Obama made and still makes.He talks a good talk.People believe this guy when he's lying but they don't believe him when he's telling the truth.

You see that's what this forum is supposed to be about.Taking AMERICA back.
Obama has nothing but commies,marxists and socialists in the WH with him.A shadow government.Some of these people are just plain whacked.Seriously.They're nuts.

There is something drastically wrong with Anita Dunn and that's besides her unabashed admiration for Mao who she very offensively connected in her warped mind with Mother Therese.For one Mother Therese (newsflash Dunn)was not political. And the whole idea she had about this connection is so offensive and SICK it's not worth getting into.
We won't go there.I'm Catholic.Found that very offensive as you can imagine.
These people need to go and i mean ALL the czars. WH needs to explain how they got there in the first place. I never thought i'd live to see the day.It's disgusting.
Of all of Obama's policies that need to go down in flames this Health "Care" Bill definitely needs to go down in flames.I'm afraid that as summer and fall have ended and winter is coming up on the country the tea parties,demonstrations and town halls might take the wind out people's sails.Not the time to give up!
Just because we can't march on Washington or meet at a town hall means we give up and let them have their way.We can still be heard.
That is WHY i put up this forum.We have to keep the momentum going just in other ways.
The bottom line is this;don't let up! There's just too much at stake.

I know that it can be discouraging.You can feel powerless. It seems like there is a lot going on and too many battles.
You can get the impression that it's all going to happen so what's the use.
We're not going to give up that easily.You have to feel as mad as hell and you can't take it anymore because this is YOUR country.Don't forget that.
There's good people out there who are willing to fight too and they can fight for us if we let them.
CHEER UP! werbuddies
Now i have to get some sleep and come back to talk to mah self tmw.

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