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Is It Time For Term Limits For Congress?


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Olympia Snowe.Wouldn't want to guess?

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Olympia Snowe.Wouldn't want to guess? Empty Olympia Snowe.Wouldn't want to guess?

Post by pugzrule on Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:27 pm

She's voting FOR the Obama Care bill Of course she is.She does this all the time.I'll tell you what.Comes the time she's up for re-election I will find out who her opponent is and by gosh will make a donation.Further I will do all i can to drump up donations/support from others for her opponent.

I don't know why she even bothers staying in the party. She's another Arlen Specter.You may as well elect a Dem.She votes Dem all the time anyway especially on THE most critical.This is whether the bill is a good one for us or not.I want to know what she's getting promised.

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