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from the Defend Glenn Beck website Empty from the Defend Glenn Beck website

Post by pugzrule on Mon Oct 12, 2009 10:54 am

xtremist activist group Color of Change--which started the boycott against Glenn Beck--has quietly pulled the "Kanye Was Right" t-shirts they sold from a link on their wesbite for 4 years since West's disgraceful comments. This was apparently done under pressure from after we exposed their hypocrisy for attacking Glenn Beck as a race-baiter but then profiting from their own race-baiting by selling the t-shirts.

In 2005, Kanye West said "George Bush doesn't care about Black people" and alleged that troops were given "permission to go down and shoot us" (blacks). Afterwards, Color of Change started selling t-shirts from their website. The radical group also put up on their website the following statement further alleging Bush racism: "the Bush administration...would never have left rich, white people to suffer and die."

The disgraceful t-shirts remained mostly unknown until C of C launched their obsessive vendetta against popular FoxNews host Glenn Beck who dared to question Barack Obama's racial views in the wake of Obama's allegations of racial profiling against the Cambridge (MA) Police department. After C of C launched their "boycott" this website was born. exposed the "Kanye was right" t-shirts to a wider audience for the first time, leading to broad outrage and revelation to many that C of C was not some mainstream civil rights group, but rather an extremist group that engaged in gutter-level race-baiting. The further exposure of C of C co-Founder Van Jones by and many others further underlined the group's radical roots. That exposure led to Jones' resigning his position as Obama's Green Jobs "czar" in disgrace.
For more on this and other stories go to:DEFEND GLENN.COM
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