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Is It Time For Term Limits For Congress?


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Party doesn't matter

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Party doesn't matter Empty Party doesn't matter

Post by pugzrule on Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:25 pm

Party doesn't matter re this one.We just need to be honest.
Look at the figures and the debt through the roof.

Not good.I don't care if you're Rep,Dem,Ind or Lib.Doesn't matter.

Forget ideology.It's simple. We can't do this.
You have to know that if your family spends its way into oblivion it's not going to better off even if it there's an uplift in your spirits for the moment.It's like a kid at TOYSRUS getting every toy he/she wants.The bill comes due;you gotta pay it.And if he/she's s allowed to have every toy he/she wants then he/she is going to take you up on that.You think?

You know very well we can't do that.
We can't let Congress/WH do that either.This is not TOYSRUS. This is serious business.
We tighten our belts.They can tighten their belts.Want to get it under control?Get rid of all those Dept/Agencies we don't really need.

Want to see this? Don't worry.It's alphabetized.

Gov't Agencies


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