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  • 20091114
    thought it might be a good place to bring up the How 2's of the forum.For folks that might not be familiar with the format.

    1. You can have an avatar.The pug for example.Of course you'll want one of your own.Just go to profile.It's there.Click browse and upload an image from your computer.Forumotion has their own if you want to check out the gallery.They're not bad.

    2. I added a category for new members to say hello and leave comments to each other. This way it won't get lost in the other topics.
    3. The emoticons(smilies)are ez.Just click and they go right into the post....

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  • 20091007
    1. Participate:
    sign petitions,donate to good groups,call/write Congress, call the WH.Always be polite but don't be afraid to speak out.
    It's not enough for us to just sit and talk to each other.Do what you're ABLE.Able being the key word. We can all do something.We cannot all necessarily do the same things.
    2. Vote:
    Never give up and don't think your vote doesn't count.Get an absentee ballot if you must,but vote.
    3. Be A Watchdog:
    Contact folks like Glenn Beck,Sean Hannity, if you think you have something they'd be interested in investigating. They...

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  • 20100315
    the forum is floundering.And that's an understatement.
    To let you know what i've been up too(may as well);Called Kathy Dahlkamper's office today and told them not to shove this HC on the people of our state.
    Tomorrow i have to call another Congressman from our state and he sounds like someone who will listen to reason.I don't know about Dahlkamper. I do know this guy might use his head. Course you can't be certain of anyone.Except Bart Stupak.That's a man with courage. I'm sorry this forum isn't taking off. I'll keep posting so the account doesn't go down but i doubt it's going to get...

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  • 20091119
    If you want the code just ask or click the logo to grab the code at myspace

    The link goes to a Sarah Palin for 2012 My space site.If you prefer just save the image to your computer.

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  • 20091110
    This is totally off topic but am so tickled pink.Husband will be getting a new computer soon.

    That's the good news.On the bad news side i put my foot in mouth at a forum and people took something i said horribly wrong. My own fault too.
    I apologized but i think at this point it would be better NOT to head back there.Everyone is horribly upset. This has taught me something very important.Think before you post and realize what you say can cause hurt and pain for some folks.Lesson learned.Not going back. On the bad news front as well seem to have lost NWAF somewhere along the line.

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  • 20091108

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  • 20091104
    but let's not get too carried away.Obama isn't going to give up anything that easy.

    I heard him give a speech today in Wisconsin. He repeats the same figures over and over.What is this? If he repeats the baloney often enough people will believe it? Their eyes do work.

    He's counting on us being either too stupid to figure him out or so enamored of him we will support him even if it means going off a cliff.
    Decision on Afghanistan? Don't hold your breathe. I'm not even sure he's 'dithering'.i don't think he cares one way or the other.

    The Dover AFB was just...

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  • 20091103
    It's going to take awhile to get it right but am going to change to a light blue.

    I noticed when i got here a few times that the glare of the page was just too much.

    Too light.

    It wil be a lot easier on the eyes to end some color to the bacikground and light blue would do it.Even light grey would help.Will play with both until it looks right.

    In fact things might switch back and forth for a bit until it's spot on.

    Watching the elections pretty closely tonight so the color makeover won't start in earnest until tmw.Gotta catch this news tonight.Too...

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  • 20091030
    Luky sent a new password and i got back in.Went to security and made absolutely sure admins can have password emailed to them. Tested it out too.Works.

    Came in as lostinspace last night.Was feeling that way.

    Meantime i put up a poll at sodahead.People are saying the usual.Bunkers,paranoia and generally stupid comments because they think my assertion is ignorant.Unfortunately it's true. I wouldn't put it up if it weren't.Anyway,they're pretty up in arms. Said i won't get any raves.Who's looking...

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  • 20091027
    Wouldn't ya know it's our first week and we already have an issue.
    The poll doesn't work correctly.The min someone votes, the poll quits. I went to the Support forum and am hoping we get help soon.

    Chances are it's something i've missed,but no idea what it would be.

    This is where the support forum comes in real handy.

    So far so good here though.One issue so far.Not bad.

    My apologies to everyone who wanted to vote and couldn't.

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  • 20091025
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Geno Hayes was stabbed by his girlfriend.
    There was a 7 yr old girl killed by a 15 yr old boy. They just reported on a 15 yr old boy burned by kids not much older than he-some younger.

    This is our country today. Sympathy goes out to the families of all these people.
    When i heard all these the first thought that came to my mind was a quote of Roosevelt's.

    "When you educate a man in mind,but not in morals,you create a menace to society."

    This is the country of abortion and euthanasia.
    This is the country where...

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  • 20091023
    and guess what.I called them yesterday. Future tense;am going to call them next week.

    Think i'm going to make a stink? You bet and I'm hoping the reason the line has been so busy the last 2 weeks is because everyone else is making a stink too.

    This is us people
    We are not for one second going to do this
    We've got Marxists,bullies,socialists,communists in the WH.Remember that the Pres has an obligation...

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  • 20091021
    When Barrack Obama was running for Pres red flags went up about some of his comments.i just didn't trust him. To be honest i wasn't all the sold on McCain either.
    It would have been nice to have some other choices.That said,here we are.

    This might surprise people but i decided(made a conscious decision that is)to give Obama the benefit of the doubt.You have to do that whenever the guy/gal gets elected that you didn't vote for. He rode in on a wave of popularity and had TONS of political capital.He could have done great things and i was anticipating he might.


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  • 20091016
    There can't possibly be a deader forum than this one.Oh well...moving along anyway.

    Today i watched that helium weather balloon for the whole thing. I turned to my husband and said if the little boy actually survived it would be a miracle.There were some moments that were just horrible.I kept thinking it might actually take off and rise. Didn't.
    Then it came to the ground.As soon as i turned the news off they found the little boy.
    I figure one of 2 things happened.Either the brothers...

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  • 20091014
    Here's some great stuff i thought i'd pass it along to ya.Doesn't always have to always be politics does it?
    Free computer programs that are useful.Highly recommend.Use mysell. The next blog will post up some neat websites with free graphics:
    A very small unintrusive firewall
    Online virus program from Trend Micro.They also have a beta program that works just as well and less monkey business:

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  • 20091014
    It's not too late!
    Donate today — Go Here Now.DONATE HERE

    I rec'd this email from
    An Urgent Message from the League of American Voters

    Obama's Radical Plan Moves Forward.

    Most Americans Don't Want It.

    Dick Morris Has a Plan to Stop Him.

    Read More Below.

    Dear Fellow American:

    Yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee voted to back the "Baucus Bill" and send...

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  • 20091013
    TAB Blog 103210

    TAB Blog Glenn_13TAB Blog 14_4_110

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  • 20091009
    TAB Blog 35n7hom
    He wasn't perfect but he was a great president.I make no apologies to anyone for thinking this.I voted for him twice.

    Thanks to my friend Ellen for having this image on her sodahead profile.

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  • 20091007
    1. Facts don't matter. You get the right words and appeal to their emotions you've got em.
    Truth counts. If we're going to be passionate it has to be about the truth.
    No matter how much evidence you provide they justdon't see it.Maybe they don't want to.
    2. A skewed idea of what liberty is. Maybe we need to get on the same page first.
    3. When the liberals attack Bush it's generally on a personal level.They believe it is mean spirited(probably racist)to attack Obama on his policies.There's a difference.
    4. Liberals do one of 2 things.They quote scripture and use Christianity...

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  • 20091007
    Making sure this works.
    This is only a test


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